Salming Race R9 Mid 2.0 Squash Shoe

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The Salming Race R9 Mid 2.0 Squash Shoe has a uniquely comfortable upper construction which             helps the shoe to feel perfect from the first instant. The Race R9 Mid 2.0 features special black exo-skeleton that keeps the foot in the right position during aggressive lateral and forward movements, whilst a durable lightweight polyester fabric keeps this shoe light and resilient.
Torsion Guide System
The distance from the heel to the ball of the foot is specifically designed to enable extra levels of stability. Furthermore, the positioning of the ballet line increases flexibility stimulating the foot’s natural movements.
XR110 Compound
AN extra sticky developed compound on the outer sole enables greater control when cornering and during lateral movements
Fully Integrated ExoSkeleton Construction
Salming’s innovative ExoSkeleton construction is integrated with the lacing to enable the best possible wrap-around effect of the foot, thus providing greater stability during lateral movements by keeping the foot in the correct place.
LMS (Lateral Movement Stabilizer)
The foot is supported by a specially designed lightweight torsion unit, thus stabilising it during fast and irregular lateral movements.
Roll Bar
An increased radius on the inner side of the outer sole allows allows the foot to roll inwards and increases toe push off.
Rebound Foam
A forefoot rebound energy foam which produces up to 80% better rebound than a typical EVA midsole compound enhancing speed and movement, whilst reducing risk of injury.

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