International Tennis Magazine - September 2011


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International Tennis Magazine provides an invaluable and sought after quarterly review of the world of tennis, appealing to a diverse and dynamic audience of tennis consumers, enthusiasts and players of all standards from recreational and club players to professionals.

The September issue of International Tennis Magazine covers many of the latest happenings of one of the world’s most exciting sports, including:
Novak Djokovic: “I Felt Like An Animal!”
With his first Wimbledon title, World No.1 status and one of the longest winning streaks in ATP history, Novak Djokovic has broken the Swiss-Spanish stranglehold on men’s tennis. Dominic Bliss explains why Nadal and Federer finally have a serious rival on their hands
Left Winners
There are many more champion left-handers in tennis than global statistics would suggest. Dominic Bliss examines how southpaws often out-fox their right-handed counterparts
US Open: The Gang of Four
Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy Murray. All four of the world’s top players have either won or been runners-up in previous US Opens. This year, with none of them a conspicuous favourite, sparks are sure to fly between them more than ever. To really stoke things up, International Tennis Magazine compares the playing styles, characters and personalities of all four contenders.
World Rankings
Men’s & Women’s World Singles Rankings at a glance

Frozen In Time: Vitas Gerulitis Poisoned By Gas
In 1994 the tennis world was shocked by the untimely death of Vitas Gerulaitis by carbon dioxide poisoning. Dominic Bliss remembers the tragic and inglorious end to an impressive career

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