interactiveSquash is the digital revolution sweeping racket sports.
It transforms standard squash courts into interactive training and game centres. Squash players can practice in totally new ways using programs developed in cooperation with professional coaches and players.
interactiveSquash training modules assess and coach; speed, accuracy, technique and conditioning with instant visual feedback and analysis. This world-first allows squash players to see their performance down to each individual shot. They gain valuable insights into their game, supported by personalised statistics. interactiveSquash is an immersive tool for coaches to engage budding squash talent.
The games are designed to get people moving and active like never before. New modes and rules give squash players the option to play solo or cooperatively in conquering a range of exciting content which put their skills, accuracy and fitness to the test.
This internet-connected, smart system will be maintained throughout its lifespan with regular updates. When new games and training programs are published, they are instantly available to download and play in every interactiveSquash court. Fun With Balls GmbH, the company behind interactiveSquash has teamed up with coaches and professional players to develop new features.

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