When a squash ball hits a wall at high speed a mini-vacuum is generated. This vacuum arises because the part of the ball, hitting the wall first immediately leaves the wall again. With the even smallest unevenness this mini vacuum causes small parts of the plaster to be sucked from the wall. The ASB system 40 wall prevents this phenomenon lastingly.
The ASB Carrier Panel is fixed to the existing wall and is aligned vertically and horizontally. ASB technology helps to keep the distance between existing wall and carrier panels. Like the system 100 wall, this cavity is filled with fire-dried silica sand, which is compressed. After this installation, the surface is without any visible joints and is covered with the ASB coating.
In its specifications the World Squash Federation (WSF) reduced the dimensions for renovated courts by 8 cm each in width and length for renovations and made these dimensions standard.

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