Dunlop Assassin Racketball Racket

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Headsize: 684

Racket Weight: 165g

Cover: No Cover

Balance: Head Heavy

Construction: Premium Graphite

The Dunlop Assassin Racketball Racket consists of BioFibre: Stronger than steel and lighter than carbon, Dunlop has extracted the stem fibres from plants and woven them into the shaft portion of the racket. On ball impact this natural.

The Dunlop Assassin Racketball Racket features AeroSkin CX: Dunlop has taken the concept of low drag surface texturing to a new level. Inspired by the textured skin of sharks and engineered in a wind tunnel, AeroSkin Cx smooth's turbulent air and reduces drag by up to 36% to provide greater racket head speed for more penetrative shot making.

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