Karakal Pro Lite Squash Shoe - Black

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The Karakal Pro Lite Squash Shoe has been designed in the new colour black after the success of the original pro lite. This shoe comes with three lace sets (Yellow, Red and Black) to customise to your personal taste.

The Karakal Pro Lite squash shoe provides exception support and stability when in a lateral movement due to the heel and foot band and lace loop system which prevents the foot rolling.

On the Base of the shoe Karakal have focused on the turning circle which will enable sharper and more efficient movement when changing direction. The shoe also incorporates TPU Anti – reverse bend inserts which provides extra stability and has the potential to reduce foot and lower limb injuries.

The Phylon midsole density has been adjusted for maximum comfort and support, the under-heel shock absorber and EVA layer under the High-Density Performance Insole add to the shock absorption properties.

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