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Headsize: 500 sqcm

Racket Weight: 125 grams

String Pattern: 16 x 17

Cover: No Cover

Balance: Head Light

Length: 27 Inches

Construction: Powered by UltraCarbon™

The UNSQUASHABLE RESPONSE 125 racket weighs just 125 grams and features a revolutionary frame geometry to provide the ultimate synergy of power, control and response.
Combining unique and thoughtful engineering developed in conjunction with our growing number of ambassadors and professional players, the UNSQUASHABLE RESPONSE 125 racket features a revolutionary AntiTorsion™ throat design which allows the main strings to wrap around its inverted underside to enhance string bed resilience and delivers aspiring professionals with greater levels of player feel and feedback from its torsionally-stable frame design and stiff construction.
Other leading-edge UNSQUASHABLE performance features include an aerodynamic tapered PowerProfile™ frame geometry and a unique concave cross section around the hitting area to maximise sweetspot size, complimented by a uniform 16 x 17 string pattern.
A forgiving UltraCarbon™ construction and headlight balance offer players of all levels and styles of play with the ideal combination of power, control, comfort and durability.
Incorporating many of the latest UNSQUASHABLE technological innovations developed through thoughtful engineering, originality and craftsmanship, the UNSQUASHABLE RESPONSE racket additionally features a unique concave cross section around the hitting area to maximise sweetspot size, complimented by a uniform 14 x 18 string pattern.
UNSQUASHABLE develop equipment used by the world’s leading players because UNSQUASHABLE has long believed and demonstrated that engineering equipment to be used in professional competition makes for a better a product for the everyday player.
UNSQUASHABLE engineers build high-performance products by placing product quality and performance before anything else - before productivity or ease of manufacture.
UNSQUASHABLE products are unique, combining thoughtful engineering, originality, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technical innovations used on the Professional World Tour by many of the World’s leading players who increasingly benchmark UNSQUASHABLE for design, engineering & quality.
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