Question & Answer: Joelle King

Joelle King World No.4 and New Zealand No.1 talks with International Squash Magazine
Country: New Zealand
Date of Birth: 30th September 1988
Place of Birth: Cambridge, New Zealand
Place of Residence: Cambridge, New Zealand
Marital Status: Married
Highest World Ranking: No.4
Earliest sporting memory:
Winning my first New Zealand junior Under 11 title.
Sports watched:
Anything and everything! Sport is a huge part of our culture in New Zealand so any sport going really.
Sports played:
Growing up I tried my hand at pretty much every sport we have available in New Zealand but it got to a stage where I had to choose between Squash and Netball as to what path I was going to take and I’m so glad I chose squash.

Why a life in sport, or if it hadn’t happened, what would you have done instead?
I guess coming from such a sporting family it was kind of inevitable. My brother is a professional rugby player in Wales and was once an All Black. Our parents always encouraged us to do what we love and make sure we do it to the best of our ability.
Fortunately I was decent at squash and had great passion for it, the rest took care of itself. I guess we will never know what other plan life would have had.
Toughest part of your sporting life:
The travel!!!!
I am a total home girl and love living in New Zealand but unfortunately the closest place to us for tournaments is 11hours. I’m also married and I think it’s important to make time for family and balance life. That means a lot of time on aeroplanes.
Most memorable sporting moment:
Winning my first senior national title in 2010.I had dreamed about that title for so long to become the best in my country and get my name on that trophy with other greats such as Susan Devoy, Leilani Joyce etc. It was a great accomplishment for me.
Worst sporting moment:
Losing the deciding match at the Women’s World Team event in 2010. It was in New Zealand and in the semis and 3rd and 4th play-off I was the deciding match. I completely crumbled under the pressure and was so nervous I couldn’t even put a rally together. As bad as it was, from that day on I really stopped getting as nervous and don’t think I have lost a match since purely from being nervous and scared to lose.
Sporting heroes:
Roger Federer - such class, an absolute Champion on and off the court.
Favorite venue and why:
Cayman Islands…The place itself is like a picture and the organization of everything is perfect right down to the finer details. The crowds are really engaging and its one of those places where once you lose you still stay around…wonder why??
Sporting event you would pay the most to see:
Definitely the Australian Open tennis.I love Melbourne and have always wanted to go over and watch but im usually up in North America playing tournaments.Maybe this year while Im out with Injury I might get to go.
And to miss:
No Comment!
Question asked most often by the public:
How is your form?
And the answer:
We’ll see at the end of the tournament…
Greatest change you would like to see in the running of your sport:
I would love squash to get in to the Olympics. If it does make it one day we will see a lot of changes with more TV coverage, bigger tournaments, more mainstream media which will lift the profile of the sport forever!!!

How well is your sport covered in the media?
Not well enough!  I would love to see squash get the recognition it deserves.

Sporting motto:
Live with Desire, Train with Passion, Perform with Belief!!!!
Who would you most like to invite to dinner and why?
Roger Federer. I would love to pick his brains about training and competing and he just seems so damn nice!

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