Dunlop Hot Melt Pro Squash Racket

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Headsize: 470 sqcm, Midplus Isometric Headshape

Racket Weight: 130 grams

String Pattern: 14x18

String: Dunlop Dura Ace

Cover: Full Racket Cover

Balance: Even

Construction: Hot Melt Titanium Braided Construction

The Dunlop Hot Melt Pro squash racket is an iconic pro player frame and arguably Dunlop’s bestselling performance racket, incorporating Hot Melt technology that provides optimum frame stiffness for the best possible balance of power, control, feel and durability.

Endorsed by the Professional Squash Association (PSA), the Dunlop Hot Melt Pro is ideal for players of all standards seeking enhanced performance from a 470 sqcm isometric headshape frame design.

Hot Melt is a unique heat-reactive, thermoplastic liquid which produces a molten skin that is layered over the whole racket frame. When cooled, Hot Melt cures to create:
Increased stiffness for ultimate power
Superior consistency for unbeatable control and feel
Intense fibre strength for maximum durability

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