Prince Venom Pro 950 Squash Racket

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Headsize: 465 sqcm

Racket Weight: 130 grams

String Pattern: 16 x 16

Cover: Full Cover

Balance: Head Heavy

Length: 27 Inches

Construction: Textreme X Twaron

The Prince Pro Phantom 950 squash racket provides excellent stability, power, accuracy and response due to TeXtreme technology. The racket provides high levels of racket heedspeed and a great feel. 

Textreme X Twaron
TeXtreme spreadtow woven laminates are developed with a thinner structure and straighter carbon fi bres to create a composite material that is 20% lighter in weight with improved stiffness. 
Positioning TeXtreme at a 45° orientation at 2/10 positions on the hoop reduces the torsional deformation of the racquet head at these critical zones by up to 25%. This results in superior torsional stability at impact creating a bigger sweetspot for unparalleled power, response & accuracy for all squash players. Now with added Twaron® Filaments for extra vibration dampening to give the most comfortable version of TeXtreme® ever!
Re-engineered frame with open string pattern helps provide more power from the back of the court while giving more control and ‘bite’ on the ball
Power Ring
An inverted “ring” in the throat of the frame creates longer main strings of uniform length for enhanced power across the entire string bed. A grommetless throat increases frame durability and stiffness. 
Large O-ports at 12, 3 and 9 o’clock positions on the frame significantly reduce aerodynamic drag increasing swing speed by 24% and enlarging sweet spot size by up to 59%. 
EXO3 racquet design utilizes large holes and string suspension to deliver racquets with the largest hitting area on the market.  
Air handle
Air Quadrants in the handle reduce vibration and shock to the hand from the racquet.

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