Salming Kobra Mid 2 Squash Shoe - White/Blue


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The Salming Kobra Mid squash shoe a sibling of Salming Kobra squash shoe launched in 2016 - has become an icon. The shoe combines a blend of lightweight, cushioning and stability. Compared to the regular Kobra - Mid has a higher shoe upper construction and lengthened lacing area that creates additional comfort and stability.
An increased radius on the inner side of the outer sole, facilitates rolling the foot inwards and toe push off. Reaching for that stop ball in squash or covering a shot in floorball is made easier with the RollBar™ technology.
T.G.S. 62/75
Torsion Guide System. The distance from heel to the ball of the foot (62% of the shoe) has been designed with extra stability, which ends in the so-called ”ballet” line, a 75° angle. In front of the 75° line, we have equipped the shoe with greater flexibility to stimulate the foot’s natural movements. TGS 62/75 takes all of the gait cycle criteria into consideration. At the same time, it softens the strains caused by friction during lateral movements. The shoe bends in exactly the right places, stimulating the foot’s natural lateral and forward movements.
The exo skeleton design stabilizes the foot for lateral movements and reduces pressure at the MTP joints (Metatarsophalangeal joints). It is important to keep the foot stable medio-lateral, avoiding friction and side forces in the soft parts of the foot sole, especially underneath the forefoot.
Ergo Heelcup
To stabilize and fixate the heel, which is key to providing a great fit and comfort, we have developed a new anatomical Ergo Heel Cup that is slightly longer than the average heel cup.
A very durable lightweight rubber compound that features Salmings HexaGrip™ pattern designed for the best possible grip on all indoor surfaces.
Lateral Movement Stabilizer - an especially designed light weight integrated dual torsion unit that supports the foot during fast and irregular lateral movements.
Fast lateral stops expose the foot to the risk to roll over outwards, causing injuries. LMS+ (Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus) is a unique design with a positive angle of 8° that prevents the foot from rolling over outwards.
Recoil™ + Recoil R™
The material in the midsole is a newly developed compound named RECOIL™ which is a super lightweight cushioning compound that releases a higher rebound energy effect. The Recoil R™ - as in Recoil Reduction - is a cushioning compound featured in the heel impact zone designed to reduce impact forces and increase comfort when lunging.

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