ASB Inflatable SquashCourt

ASB Inflatable SquashCourt
Due to large demand and numerous requests, ASB has now included an inflatable squash court in its portfolio. This product helps to solve the issue: how to get more young players and children attracted to our sport.
The ASB Inflatable SquashCourt is the ideal add-on for clubs offering additional service to its members and their children. It is also the ideal starter pack for squash federations, cities and schools to get children involved in racket sports and of course squash in particular. The Inflatable SquashCourt is made of highly resistant material to prevent any damage from rackets or children jumping against the wall.
The court is available in blue and red or green and silver with a size of 5,2m(width) x 6m(length) x 3m (height). It comes with a powerful compressor that ensures that the court is inflated in approx. 15 minutes. 2 rackets and a soft ball are included in the package. The court can be transported on a pallet.
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