Greatest Nations by Dominic Bliss

Everyone knows China blows all other badminton nations totally out of the water. But which countries are snapping at her heels? And how does good old Blighty fare? In this feature we grade each country according to the international rankings of their singles and doubles players. The results are intriguing.

International badminton is totally dominated by the Chinese. Close behind them are other Asian nations such as Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia and Japan. The only non-Asian nation to make any serious headway is Denmark

But what happens when you look further down the world rankings? Where do the sport’s less powerful countries figure in the grand scheme of things?

In order to give a snapshot of all the different nations battling it out for supremacy we have decided to analyse the world rankings and rate countries by their overall strength in depth.

The results are intriguing. Who would have thought that Germany and Russia would figure so highly in all the different tables, for example? Or that England would be ranked 10th in our overall table of all the badminton codes?

How we calculated our results:
On October 12th, 2012 we analysed all the players in the world top 100 rankings of Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. We allocated 50 points for a player in the world top 5 of each code; 20 points for a player ranked 6 to 10; 10 points for a player ranked 11 to 50; and five points for a player ranked 51 to 100.

We then added all the points together to give an overall snapshot of each nation’s strength in depth. Here are the results.

Men’s Single
With four players in the world top 10, China totally monopolise Men’s Singles. But Malaysia, with Lee Chong Wei at No.1, take second place while Indonesia, with lots of top 50 players come a close third. Note the unusual appearance of Iran in 25th= place.

1st (190 points): China
2nd (125 points): Malaysia
3rd (110 points): Indonesia
4th (75 points): Denmark
5th (70 points): Japan
6th (60 points): India
7th (35 points): South Korea
8th= (30 points): Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei
10th= (20 points): Germany, Thailand, England, Russia
14th= (15 points): Ukraine, France
16th= (10 points): Spain, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Singapore
25th= (5 points): Israel, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Estonia, Ireland, USA, Peru, Iran, Czech Republic, Brazil, Uganda, Lithuania, Canada, Slovenia.

Women’s Singles
Five players in the top 10 mean China blows every other nation out of the water. India are helped by having Saina Nehwal at No.4 in the world.

1st (255 points): China

2nd (80 points): Japan
3rd (65 points): India
4th (60 points): Thailand
5th (45 points): Indonesia
6th (35 points): Singapore
7th= (30 points) Denmark, Canada, South Korea, Chinese Taipei
11th= (25 points): Germany, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Malaysia
15th= (20 points): France, Russia
17th= (15 points): Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland,
21st= (10 points): New Zealand, Czech Republic, Ireland, USA, Scotland, Austria, England,
28th= (5 points): Belgium, Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, Iceland, Finland, Australia, Belarus, Lithuania, Slovenia, Peru, Slovakia

Men’s Doubles
With two pairs apiece in the top 5, South Korea and China share first place in our Men’s Doubles table. Indonesia are just five points behind thanks to a plethora of players ranked between 50 and 100 in the world. The occasional doubles team has two players from different nations (eg: the Anglo-Scottish pairing of Marcus Ellis and Paul Van Rietvelde). In these cases the team splits half the allocated points (2.5 points each).

1st= (120 points): South Korea, China
3rd (115 points): Indonesia
4th (105 points): Malaysia
5th (87.5 points): Denmark
6th (60 points): Japan
7th (50 points): Chinese Taipei
8th= (30 points): Thailand, Germany, India
11th= (25 points): Russia, Netherlands
13th (22.5 points): England
14th= (20 points): Poland, France,
16th= (15 points): USA, South Korea
18th= (10 points): Canada, Austria, Australia, Singapore, Brazil
23rd (7.5 points): Scotland
24th= (5 points): South Africa, Vietnam, Sweden, Belgium, New Zealand, Croatia, Mexico, Ukraine, Bahrain, Switzerland
34th (2.5 points): Ireland

Women’s Doubles

Domination for China and Japan, thanks to the occurrence of three teams apiece in the world top 10. South Korea isn’t far behind. Note how England, Scotland and Wales all feature in our table. If they competed as a single UK entity they would of course appear much stronger.

1st (155 points): China

2nd (135 points): Japan
3rd (100 points): South Korea
4th (85 points): Indonesia
5th (65 points): Denmark
6th (60 points): Malaysia
7th (40 points): England
8th= (35 points): Chinese Taipei, Thailand
10th (30 points): Canada

11th (25 points): India
12th= (22.5 points): Germany, Netherlands
14th= (20 points): Singapore, Russia, Sweden, USA
18th (15 points): Hong Kong
19th (12.5 points): France
20th= (10 points): Australia, Turkey, South Africa, Bulgaria
24th= (5 points): Belgium, Wales, Scotland, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Switzerland
32nd (2.5 points): Spain

Mixed Doubles
China have the world’s top two Mixed Doubles pairings but Indonesia fare well thanks to a staggering 11 pairs in the world top 100.

1st= (135 points): China, Indonesia
3rd (100 points): Denmark
4th (75 points): Malaysia
5th= (60 points): Japan, South Korea
7th= (45 points): Thailand, England
9th= (35 points): Chinese Taipei, Singapore
11th= (30 points): Russia, India
13th (25 points): Germany
14th= (20 points): Poland, Canada
16th= (15 points): Scotland, Ukraine, France
19th= (10 points): Hong Kong, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Australia,
24th (7.5 points): Sweden
25th= (5 points): Ireland, Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, South Africa, Mexico, Spain
34th (2.5 points): Estonia

All badminton codes combined
This table of the world’s top 10 badminton nations in all codes of the sport proves which nations have the greatest strength in depth overall.

1st (855 points): China
2nd (490 points): Indonesia
3rd (405 points): Japan
4th (390 points): Malaysia
5th (357.5 points): Denmark
6th (345 points): South Korea
7th (210 points): India
8th (190 points): Thailand
9th (180 points): Chinese Taipei
10th (137.5 points): England

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