Karakal Evolution 115 Squash String - 100m Reel

Karakal Evolution 115 Squash String - 100m Reel
The Karakal Evolution 115 Squash String features a High Modulus mini core construction which gives maxiumum shock absorbtion.

The Karakal Evolution 115 squahs string reel comes in three colours (Blue, Green and Silver), which allows the player to customise their racket. 

During the 2011 US open Cameron Pilley broke the record for the fastest squash ball at an amazing 175mph using his Karakal Tec Gel 120 squash racket strung with new Evolution 115 string.

Key Features:
Hi Modulus Mini Core Construction
Maximum Shock Absorbtion
Available as 10 set or 100m coil
1.15mm Diameter/18 Gauge
PU Elastomer Micro Fused Nano Resin
Pre stretched for minimal tension loss

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