Pro Kennex Black Ace 98 295 Tennis Racket

Pro Kennex Black Ace 98 295 Tennis Racket
The Pro Kennex Black Ace 98 295 Tennis Racket is a lighter version of the Pro Kennex Black Ace 325 tennis racket which offers all the benefits of the MP with easier playability and greater manoeuvrability for the advanced player and improving junior player.


This patented technology contributes to the prevention of arm injuries by providing shock damping.
Kinetic mass is housed in chambers on four key balance positions in the head of the racket. When the ball hits the strings, it is surrounded by kinetic mass which makes sure that a great part of the shock is absorbed and that unwelcome vibrations in the frame are reduced.
Less energy has to be invested by the player to gain the same results in impact pressure and precision.
The kinetic technology is the only racket technology in the world, scientifically proven, to be effective in shock reduction. It helps to dramatically reduce the risk of lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and has been known to cure and prevent tennis elbow.

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