Pro Kennex Nano X-Wave 8000 Badminton Racket

Pro Kennex Nano X-Wave 8000 Badminton Racket
Headsize: Isometric 79 sqin
Racket Weight: 86g
Cover: Full Thermal
Balance: Headlight
Construction: Spiral Tech Carbon

The Pro Kennex Nano X-Wave 8000 Badminton Racket features an ultra-slim aerodynamic frame and shaft design to allow improved racket head speed, manoeuvrability and handling.

The Pro Kennex Nano X-Wave 8000 badminton racket weighs just 86 grams and is packed with game-enhancing features, including an isometric headshape for increased control, aerodynamic narrow shaped frame for greater head speed and racket agility, and Hi-Modulus Graphite frame for ultra-responsiveness.

Muscle Power frame geometry allows exceptionally close contact between frame and string to enhance and maximise transfer of energy in every shot.

Spiral Tech Carbon is an unique space age blend of treated Spiral Tech Graphite and High Modulus Graphite, combined with Nano Epoxy. Spiral Graphite has exceptional dampening qualities to enhance playability while High Modulus Graphite delivers maximum strength and power.

Nano Autocure is he only autoclave process in the world that is used in racket sports technology. The unique Pro Kennex Nano Autocure process removes air and impurities from between the graphite layers to improve strength and flexibility.

Muscular Wave System: This unique wave design in the frame creates a stronger frame that allows a higher string tension for the player to generate more power in the smash.

Kevlar Joint is a special Kevlar matrix material inserted in the T-joint to reduce torque and twist to increase

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