Pro Kennex Nano X2 9000 Badminton Racket

Pro Kennex Nano X2 9000 Badminton Racket
The new Pro Kennex Nano X2 9000 is crafted using unique Nano Autocure technology which removes air and impurities between the 40T micro carbon layers, resulting in unrivalled strength and reduced torsion.
Featuring the patented Power Groove inside the frame which maximising power and stability, the Pro Kennex Nano X2 9000 features a stiff frame and even balance and is the ideal racket for attacking players looking for maximum power without loss of control. 
Pro Kennex has always been at the cutting edge of carbon fibre racket design, and continues to lead the way with its unique and patented technologies, including the revolutionary Nano Autocure manufacturing.
By purchasing a Pro Kennex racket you are paying for quality, experience and innovation from the world’s leading racquet manufacturer, not just for a name.
Racket Weight: 87 grams
Headshape: Isometric
Balance: Even
Construction: One-piece
Cover: Full Racket Thermal

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