Rehband Power Line Back Support

Rehband Power Line Back Support
The Rehband Power Line Back Support is a powerful 3-in-1 back support for heavy lifting and strong men. This multi-function back support can be used in three ways, as a back belt, a classic back support and with both elements together for maximum protection.

The Rehband Power Line Back Support is developed to guarantee a perfect fit and extremely high stability. It is made with warming, compressing 7mm Neoprene to maximise blood flow, reducing injury and helping to protect and power muscles. The high-quality and flexible neoprene adapts optimally to the body and warms the back muscles. The belts can be worn separately so you have a '3 in 1' product.
Function: Compression, Warmth, Medium stabilsation
Sports: Athletic sports
Material: 7mm Neoprene SBR, EVA Foam

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