Yonex Aeroclub TR Feather Shuttlecock

Yonex Aeroclub TR Feather Shuttlecock
The Yonex Aeroclub TR Feather Shuttlecock is made from duck feather, delivering excellent quality and construction, while delivering durability and consistency in flight.

Yonex is the World’s No.1 shuttlecock manufacturer and official shuttlecock supplier to many world class badminton championships. All Yonex shuttlecocks are engineered to the highest standards to provide optimum distance stability under widely varying environmental conditions of play. The highest quality materials and manufacture ensures outstanding durability under the tremendous shocks shuttlecocks receive with today's high-power, high-speed badminton rackets. Outstanding durability means that Yonex feather shuttlecocks need less frequent replacement than conventional competitors shuttlecocks.
Speed: 78
Colour: White
Quality: Practice
Correct storage is vital to ensure long-life from feather shuttlecocks and poor stage can result in poor playing characteristics and performance as well as a reduction in shuttle life. To maintain the highest quality, www.isportstore.com store shuttlecocks in a modern, temperature and humidity controlled environment. All shuttlecocks are free from direct daylight and heat to ensure shuttles do not become too brittle and are always stored the correct way up.
www.isportstore.com adopt a modern rotation system to ensure that all shuttlecocks are stored for equal intervals after being shipped to the UK which has resulted in lower return rates for defective and poor performing shuttlecocks.
www.isportstore.com is committed to offering the very latest products from the world's leading badminton brands, supported by the highest levels of customer service and we are confident we offer the highest quality shuttlecocks and best delivery at the lowest price.

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