ZSIGNET 6 Early Years Net - 1.8m

ZSIGNET 6 Early Years Net - 1.8m
The Zsignet 6 Early Years Net is designed for use in nurseries, kindergartens, Early Years starter tennis and mutisports programmes. It has all the features of regular Zsignets and is exceptionally easy to put up, take down, and carry around.

The Zsignet 6 Early Years Net is made from solid, built-to-last construction in weatherproof Flo-coated steel and top quality soft, tangle-free knotless thick-gauge net.

For teaching early skills, use with Zsig's Balloon Balls, or an ordinary balloon, and progress to Mini Tennis rackets and Mini Tennis sponge or foam balls.

Comes with carry bag
Length: 184 cms / six feet
Height: 66cms
Weight: 3kg.

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