internationalSPORTgroup has a proven and unrivalled track record of delivering major World Tour squash championships of global standing on-time and on-budget to the highest possible specifications and standards of delivery and presentation.
We are confident that our expertise and approach will guarantee the successful planning, organisation, delivery and unique and spectacular presentation of any world-class event.
Our experienced, extensive and unique blend of complementary skills and expertise, combined with our long established reliable and highly cost-efficient procurement channels from within the North West of England, as well as nationally and internationally, will further assist internationalSPORTgroup in being able to offer exceptional value for money for the Event Partners.
The central component of all internationalSPORTgroup activity is the development of an interactive community of sportsmen and women that the company communicates with via the growth and development of a postal, e-mail and SMS database.
internationalSPORTgroup has delivered profitable growth each year since it was founded in 2004 and last year delivered a total group annual turnover of £905,000 (2011 Actual). internationalSPORTgroup
employs a management team of four full-time personnel and has access to a core group of experienced staff, contractors and consultants to support specific projects as and when required.
In 2010, internationalSPORTgroup established a pioneering three-year partnership with MCC to stage the British Grand Prix Squash Championships at the National Squash Centre to reinforce the city’s ambition to be recognised as one of the world’s leading squash destinations, alongside New York, Mumbai, Cairo, Canberra, Hong Kong, Kuwait City, Doha, and Saudi Arabia.
In 2010 and 2011, the British Grand Prix was the largest Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour ranking event in Europe and alongside the National Squash Championships has played a pivotal role in (1) showcasing Manchester’s unrivalled squash development programme; (2) reinforcing the city’s position as a world-class sporting destination; and (3) supporting its plans to bring the Men’s World Squash Championships back to Manchester in 2013.
internationalSPORTgroup has a proven and unrivalled track record of delivering major World Tour squash championships of global standing on-time and on-budget, including:
2004:   Gerrard British Grand Prix (NSC, Manchester)
2005:   Gerrard British Grand Prix (NSC, Manchester) & Dunlop British Open (NSC, Manchester)
2006:   Gerrard British Grand Prix (NSC, Manchester), Wolverhampton Open (WLT&SC) & Dunlop British Open (Nottingham University)
2007:   ATCO PSA Super Series Finals (NSC, Manchester), Prince English Grand Prix (University of Birmingham), Wolverhampton Open (WLT&SC) & Dunlop British Open (NSC, Manchester)
2008:   ATCO PSA Super Series Finals (Broadgate Arena, London), Dunlop British Open (ECHO Arena, Liverpool), Wolverhampton Open (WLT&SC) & Hi-Tec World Squash Championships (NSC, Manchester)
2009:   ATCO PSA Super Series Finals (Queen’s Club, London), Dunlop British Open (NSC, Manchester) & Men’s World Open (Kuwait)
2010:   ROWE British Grand Prix (NSC, Manchester)
2011:   ROWE British Grand Prix (NSC, Manchester)
2012:   British Grand Prix, to be staged at the NSC in Manchester from the 21st to 24th September
In addition to delivering on-time and on-budget, all of the above World Tour events were delivered to the highest possible specifications, standards of delivery and presentation as demanded by International Federations (IF), National Governing Bodies (NGB), and private and commercial organisations.
Additionally, internationalSPORTgroup has assisted ESR and MCC in the event management of the British National Squash Championships (2007 to present).
Outside squash, internationalSPORTgroup has assisted BADMINTON England and MCC in the event management of the English National Badminton Championships (2008 to present).
internationalSPORTgroup works closely with all of the recognised associations within squash, including the PSA, Women's Squash Association (WSA) and the World Squash Federation (WSF). From 2004 to 2011 internationalSPORTgroup was the only promoter of a PSA World Series event and WSA World Tour event in the UK.
For further information regarding squash events promoted and managed by internationalSPORTgroup, visit:
In addition to managing the delivery of the above squash tournaments, internationalSPORTgroup has increasingly been involved in the management of special events and functions to maximise the overall appeal of each championship and increase spectator enjoyment.
In 2009, the ATCO PSA Super Series Finals were staged at the world-famous Queen’s Club in London. Steeped in history and with unrivalled sporting facilities, the Queen’s Club has several elegant rooms and high-quality catering to ensure that spectators enjoy a memorable championship in a historic setting. At the event, internationalSPORTgroup was able to focus on hospitality and corporate entertainment, including a Gala Dinner to which distinguished guests from inside and outside the sport were invited.
At the Men’s World Open in Kuwait internationalSPORTgroup, as part of its event management contract, managed (1) a dramatic Opening Ceremony which encapsulated the story of Kuwait and its historical treasures in an entertaining narrative form; (2) an Official Championship Gala Dinner held in the country’s renowned Al Hashemi II, the largest wooden dhow ever built, which incorporated a special awards ceremony to honour the achievements of the sport's greatest players and contributors; and (3) a spectacular firework display.
internationalSPORTgroup has provided a dedicated full-service online and offline ticket sales facility for the British National Squash Championships (2007 to present), British Grand Prix Squash Championships (2004 to present), British Open Squash Championships (2005 to 2009), English Grand Prix (2007), ATCO PSA Super Series Finals (2007 to 2010), and Wolverhampton Squash Open (2006 to 2008), as well as the Men’s World Squash Open (Kuwait 2009), Women’s World Squash Open (Netherlands 2009) promoted by NextSquash, and the 2006 Mamut English Open promoted by Eventis Sports Marketing.
internationalSPORTgroup has established a strong reputation and achieved profitable growth by continuously seeking to improve quality of service, maximising cost efficiency, streamlining processes, and developing sustainable relationships and commitment to best business practice.
A measure of internationalSPORTgroup’s success is the depth of its client base. Within squash, internationalSPORTgroup clients currently include: ASB SquashCourts, Ashaway, Asics, Barclays Wealth Management, Black Knight, Courtcraft, Courtmasters, Courtwall International, Dunlop, Fila, Framework UK, Harrow, Head, Hi-Tec, Karakal, MANTIS Sport, Michael Spiers Jewellers, Mizuno,, Prince, ROWE Motor Oil, Ryan Leisure, Slazenger, Stellar, Tecnifibre, Trion:Z, Victor Sport and Wilson.
In addition to working with MCC, internationalSPORTgroup has staged events with several other city councils and partner organisations, including Birmingham City Council, Liverpool City Council, Nottingham City Council, Wolverhampton City Council and Visit London.
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